Question: Do cell phones cause autism?

Answer: Yes. But not in the way you would expect. A recent  analysis identifies the physics behind cell phones causing fathers to drive our autism epidemic.

A new cell phone autism analysis using publicly-available United States government data shows that areas where parents carry cell phones at a higher rate have significantly higher rates of autism.

The analysis cites a law of physics called Coulomb’s law to explain how men’s sperm DNA is receiving 16 times greater cell phone radiation than women’s eggs. This is because cell phones come 4 times closer to men’s sperm when carried in the front pants pocket.


Per Coulomb’s inverse-square law, men’s reproductive cells are 4 times closer to cell phone radiation while in the front pocket, thus receiving 16 times more radiation.

Autism studies (NIH, Icelandic) in 2012 determined DNA mutations in sperm cells are responsible for 80% of new autism cases. This indicates the spike in autism over the last 20 years has been driven by increasing abnormalities in father’s sperm cells. This makes sense; men’s sperm DNA is frequently within a few centimeters of cell phone radiation throughout the day.

The study’s author points to studies which have established that cell phone radiation causes a significant increase in sperm cell abnormalities. Excerpts and links to such studies can be viewed at WhyAutismHappens.

If men’s reserves of healthy sperm DNA have been declining for 20 years as more men carry cell phones, we would expect to see a steady increase in autism rates over the same period. In fact, that’s what we’ve seen.

Many people think that cell phones do not transmit radiation when they are in sleep mode. This is not true as most cell phones continue to frequently “chat” with cell phone towers while in sleep mode; sometimes in many bursts within a single minute.

In a nutshell: a cell phone in sleep mode in a man’s front pocket makes repetitive transmissions to a distant cell tower. The man’s sperm cell DNA is in very close range, and fragments. Fragmented paternal DNA is passed to baby, who inherits health problems.

WhyAutismHappens asserts that this new autism study shows that between 60% and 80% of today’s autism cases are being inadvertently caused by radiation-damaged sperm cells. This means that we could reduce autism by more than 50% practically overnight if men simply carried their cell phones at a safe distance from their sperm DNA.

whyautismhappensThis video discusses the relationship of cell phones and autism.

The Southwest Autism Research Group (SARG) performed the study and claims that even though they used publicly-available data for the cohort study, medical journals have not been quick to embrace the study, preferring to stick with today’s conventional thinking on autism.

“If you’re happy with the status quo on autism,” says the president of SARG, “then stick with status quo thinking. Otherwise, consider the new conclusions this analysis reaches. We can turn around the worldwide autism spike as soon as this information spreads and changes conventional thinking.”